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Speednet IT Services is a premium internet services provider in District Kurukshetra and nearby areas. After years of research in the field of hardware and networking, team of Speednet decided to come up with High Speed Internet servcies that would server the routine requirements of home and business users with a speedy and highly reliable internet connection.
Maintaining quality of internet connectivity is the prime goal of our team which encouraged us to provide internet through Wireless medium using 5.2Ghz commnucation channels as the medium of transmission. Using this spectrum ensures collision-free and noise-free data flow with high sped and break-free connectivity. We mount imported wireless capture devices that work diligently even in wrst weather conditions thus keeping you connected to the world no matter how the conditions are our there.

best internet connection speed

High Speed Internet

YouTube videos without buffering

Full HD video streaming on youtube and other online videos platforms without buffering.

Lags free online gaming

Experience full HD online gaming with Speednet's super-fast internet connection without any lag.

Stay connected to social network

With Entertainment stay always connected with friends and family by voice calls, chatting & video calls

Non-stop surfing & downloading

Fullfill requirement of unlimited browsing with ultra-fast downloading speed for larger files.


We offers best VoIP Internet telephony solutions to residential and commercial customers.

Super-Fast Download & upload

Upload and Download larger files over internet in ultra-high speed without any connection interruption.

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Speednet NXG internet reviews
June 29, 2016

"I have been using NXG for 6+ months and the service is really outstanding. The internet works consistently without any connectivity issues and the speed is amazing. I get what I was promised. Great Services. Thumbs Up."

Shobhit Gupta - Manager and Lead Engg., ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS, KURUKSHETRA

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